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Fucking hell, playing Pokemon again has made me nostalgia so hard.

I realise now, after all these years, that I've been a huge jerk in terms of not keeping up with people from the old boards. University sort of overtook everything and I guess at the time I was still getting the hang of interacting with human beings in general.

If there are any of you out there who would like to get in contact again, even if it's just a few words on how your life is going, give me a yell. Some of you I still hear from often but there are a large number of people that I really should have made the effort to keep up with, but didn't.

also big shoutout to NewHaights if he's reading this! Haven't spoken to you in forever..
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Nat/Scythrscy/PillowShinigami checking in. I got sick with some kind of horrible rare disease for a year but I'm doing pretty well now. I might even freaking finish college eventually! I hope so, because this summer I'm moving across the country to marry and attend university with Ziddar. Finally.

Uhm, other than that, I tutor math for cash and I learned how to cook really well. Yay.
Congratulations, on all accounts. Sounds like things are really turning around for you :)
Thanks! I'm glad to have anything go right at this point...
No harm done! Very few people are prolific posters anyway, and I'm CERTAINLY not, so I couldn't hold it against someone.
Man, your work stories make me so glad I never worked in retail.

I read your M:tG prerelease reports a fair you play any Constructed at all? I'm trying to think of new deck ideas for Standard but it's all so blah these days. Currently I'm playing a bunch of fun but completely uncompetitive midrange decks, UW Thopter and Jund (who isn't)..which reminds me, since it's all about to rotate maybe I'll remake Colfenor's Plans again..
I just can't stomach Constructed because it entails paying shitloads of money for the privilege of getting reamed by the same two or three netdecks. I think Extended is slightly more enjoyable than Standard but it's still a situation where you either play whatever's optimal or you're fucked.

Limited and EDH are where it's at. I suppose I'm one of those goddamn "casuals" who ruins MtG for everybody...
<3 u too gonkitty

Actually, after Reg's you-nostal-you-lose post to the AGNP comm-journal, I've actually been tempted to post to the newsgroup again. Andrew O'Reilly needs to get his ass to... um, somewhere.

...anyone know where Outlook Express is in Vista? Or any other program I could use? (pre-emptive "fuck no" to google groups)
Good to see you're still around. You got a Facebook at all?

I think newsgroups might have been left in the dust. Does FreeAgent still exist? My guess is that there is a command-line based program still available for the diehards.
Google Groups does newsgroups these days. There's still plenty of text-based newsreaders for the grognards, although UWA turned off its usenet server a while ago.
No facebook, but I do have a twitter for what it's worth. (@newhaights)

In response to trs80 (who is... who, exactly?) I think I should be good for servers. Before my last PC died I had access through OE and Comcast's server. It had surprisingly good retention for AGNP, too.
...well FUCK MY LIFE it appears Comcast has dropped their newsserver.
I am always here. And still playing pokemon. And marrying Nat. I am awesome.
Also, to this day the first Oddish I catch in any game gets named Gonk.
I still need to find one for my Pokewalker! Picked up Soul Silver a few days ago.
My Blissey is named Molly. I wish I could fit the Nut Bomb in there....

I also at one point had a Snorlax named Mr. Moob.

Cat-Gonk makes a difference in people's lives.
This comments field is land of the anime avatars
i don't know what's more amazing, you posting or me still checking my livejournal friends page when anyone who still updates does so maybe once a month
well if they updated any more frequently you might have missed this post! How's life?
not bad but grad school is destroying me at the moment. already have a job lined up though so everything is peachy
what the heck. are you the guy who makes those cool LPs? if so well done, they're cool.

Hey Gonk, I never looked at the new games since the existence of things like Whiscash annoyed me. OTOH, I read your war story from 2007 on smogon (pathetic usenet competitor) and it made me very happy...

It was a fun tournament, would have been nice to win the lot though. owned by garchomp ._.

If I'm ever in the UK I'll need to get in touch with all you crazy mens somehow.
find me on facebook

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